CRYSTAL FORUM and SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS - an inspirational partnership


Throughout the ages and until the present-day, crystals have been renowned and highly sought after for their exceptional beauty, durability and as a source of magical inspiration for creative minds. In the period since its founding in 1895, these desirable qualities have become synonymous with SWAROVSKI as a manufacturer of the finest crystals, and with CRYSTAL FORUM in South Africa, as the first Authorized Wholesaler of SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS in the region.


CRYSTAL FORUM has represented SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS in South Africa and its neighbouring countries since 2003, and in addition to being a leading distributor of Crystal Beads and Crystal Jewellery in South Africa, it is our mission to match the superlative quality of our products with our professionalism and world-class service.


CRYSTAL FORUM is the Sole Distributor of the CRYSTALP and IMPLEXIONS ranges of Crystal Products in South Africa. Both of these exclusive ranges are manufactured using SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS as components, with CRYSTALP creating beautifully-crafted jewellery and accessory pieces, and IMPLEXIONS specializing in the manufacture of corporate gift ideas and home accessories, some incorporating Plexiglass and high grade steel. The CRYSTALP and IMPLEXIONS catalogues are available to be viewed and downloaded from our Corporate page.


Our comprehensive array of Crystal Products covers a wide range of disciplines including textiles, lighting, interior design and corporate, in addition to the traditional spheres of jewellery and accessory design one would generally associate with SWAROVSKI Crystals.


Many of the top international fashion houses, designers, architects, artists and artisans make use of SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS as Crystal Components in their clothing, handbag, jewellery, accessory, gift, lighting and home & interior designs, to great success and reception.


The SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS Textile and Jewellery Collection covers the full array of Crystal Beads, Crystal Pearls, Fancy Stones, Pendants, Buttons, Fasteners, Trimmings, Transfers, Crystal Mesh, and so much more. Catalogues detailing these collections can be downloaded from our Textile and Jewellery page. Our brand new Spring/Summer 2015 Innovations Collection is also available for download from our Innovations page.


For artisans, interior designers, and home decorators, the SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS Lighting & Spaces Collection, Spectra Crystal Collection, Knobs, Handles & Co Collection and SWAROVSKI Architecture, Interior Design & Lighting Collection, will awe and inspire you with their beauty, technical perfection and innovation. Feel free to read more and to download these catalogues from our Architecture page.


CRYSTAL FORUM, its dedicated people and its world-class and globally renowned products have become well-represented features at high-profile South African functions, in television and with local personalities. We have long-standing associations with programs and events including Strictly Come Dancing SA and Miss Earth Africa, and count as our associates celebrities like Edith Venter and Leanne Manas, both of whom are ambassadors for CRYSTAL FORUM and our products. Acclaimed actor and entertainer, Brendan van Rhyn, has also recently joined our fold and CRYSTAL FORUM will be sponsoring Brendan with CRYSTALP Jewellery for his various stage ‘personalities’. Visit our Events page and Blog to see what’s new and happening!

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