Father’s Day

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A Dad’s Role in today’s family

Crystalp Football, Crystal ForumIn times gone by and until fairly recently in the grand scheme of time, the stereotypical image of a Father was a solemn-faced, serious-minded, individual, often pictured sitting in his armchair, reading the newspaper and perhaps smoking a pipe. Usually seen as a not particularly approachable character, far too busy to be trifling with day-to-day household trivia, and only to be engaged in serious family matters when Mum said so, his role was that of head of the household and bread-winner.

As society has evolved and economic factors dictated that women join their male counterparts in the workplace and share the burden of the household income, the historical gender-based responsibility split has also had to change, resulting in Fathers now playing a far greater role in the home. Dad is now just as likely to be cooking the bacon, (as part of a well-balanced meal, of course), as bringing it home.

Whilst the introduction of the dual-income family may have, by necessity, prompted a shift away from the conventional function a father played in the home, many Dads today simply WANT to play a bigger role in their children’s lives and upbringing, and choose to be as hands-on as any Mum.

In many of today’s modern households, not only is the family income and bill-paying now a joint responsibility, but numerous other functions too.

Whilst cooking is probably an area in which men have dabbled more than in other household tasks, (what with more men than women still being touted as the world’s greatest chefs, and all that), in today’s home, it is not only the cooking that Dad will undertake but the shopping that precedes it too. Venture down any supermarket aisle of a weekday afternoon or evening, and you would not be surprised to bump into little Johnny’s Dad as readily as you would his Mum doing the groceries.

Child-minding, attending parent-teacher meetings, providing support at swimming galas and athletic meets and suchlike are also now areas in which Dads take a very active role, either sharing with Mums or even taking on as their own domain. This is not only the case in the ‘single-Dad, divorced-Dad’ camp, but simply as Dads wanting to play their part in their children’s lives.

Today’s Dad is not embarrassed to say “I love you” or show emotions to his children nor to teach his son that it’s ok to be an emotional being. He wants to have as much input and influence on his children’s upbringing as Mum does, and is willing to put in the work to achieve that.

Much is demanded of Dads in the 2014 family, but most are certainly up for the challenge and meeting it head-on and with dedication and innovation.

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