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It doesn’t seem to matter what age we are, how many children of our own we’ve borne or brought up, how deeply we love our partners and families, how far apart we may live, or even whether they are still with us, our Mothers will always have a special and present place in our lives!

Mother’s Day is celebrated the world over, in many different ways and on various days, but the fundamental premise of a special day to honour and rejoice in all that mothers and motherhood represent remains essentially the same. It’s a day most often filled with fond memories, nostalgia and, naturally, family.

In most English-speaking countries such as South Africa, America, the United Kingdom, Australia and so on, Mothers Day is traditionally celebrated by showering this special woman in our lives with cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts, meals out, and the like. The day is also quite often seen as synonymous with Mothering Sunday, which was originally a Christian celebration of ‘Mother’ Church. Historically, and in other countries in the world, even in the present day, the occasion is celebrated quite differently, and often goes back to way before the introduction of the modern-day occasion.

In Japan, for example, the day is called “Haha no hi” and was initially celebrated in March on the birthday of the Emperor Nojun (mother of the Emperor Akihito). It evolved to become the equivalent of Mothers Day, however, and is also now celebrated in May. It is somewhat of a commercial holiday, and it is traditional at this time for Japanese children to draw pictures of their mothers and enter the artwork into a drawing competition, the winning entries of which are then included in exhibitions.

The celebration of Mother’s Day in Mexico starts on the eve of the day with the children arriving at the Mother’s home to honour her and thank her. The day itself is celebrated as quite a religious one, with churches around the country hosting special masses, and the traditional morning meal being distributed amongst all mothers. Music also has a big role in the day with orchestras playing special tunes and “las mananitas” for all the Mexican mothers.

The focus of Mother’s Day in India, where many are poor and gifts cannot easily be afforded, is on thanking Mom for all her hard work, sacrifice, love and nurturing by giving her the chance to rest, whilst everyone else takes care of the cooking and chores for the day. Whilst gifts may be given, they would typically be simple and home-grown or home-made rather than purchased.

Leanne Mothers Day, Crystal ForumHowever it is these most influential women in our lives are celebrated throughout the world, CRYSTAL FORUM and Simply Manas Gift Emporium would like to invite you to come and view our spectacular new collection of Crystal Products for inspiration and that special gift for your Mom this Mother’s Day.

Our CRYSTALP selection of beautifully-made Crystal Jewellery and Accessories and the IMPLEXIONS range of gift ideas and signature Crystal home décor items, all incorporating SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, is certain to include something special to appeal to Mothers of all ages and tastes.

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