Preciosa Wholesale, Crystal Forum

Preciosa is the world’s top supplier of the highest quality machine-cut Czech crystal components. It primarily produces semi-finished products for the jewellery and fashion industries. The most popular products include crystal chatons, chaton roses and beads. The company also offers a variety of shaped stones, sew-on stones, flat back stones, nacre pearls as well as a wide selection of textile and jewellery components (banding, rondelles, stones in settings, etc.). There are also exclusive, specialized products such as hand-made cabochons and chandelier trimmings of all shapes and sizes.

Today, Preciosa’s  Components division offers an assortment of more than 36,000 premium, responsibly sourced fashion and fine jewelry stones to an extensive portfolio of fashion brands, designers and manufacturers across six continents.

Swarovski is an Austrian based company and Preciosa is a Czech company. They are both well-known for high-quality crystals……

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01 Round Stones, Crystal Forum

Round Stones

Put simply, Preciosa Round Stones serve as the crystal industry benchmark for brilliance and quality. Our flagship Chaton MAXIMA is a shining testament to several centuries of Bohemian glassmaking tradition and the universal standard for sparkling, machine-cut precision.
02 Fancy Stones, Crystal Forum

Fancy Stones

Preciosa Fancy Stones form a carefully curated selection of the most iconic gemstone cuts, fine-tuned to dazzling perfection. Also known as “pointed-back” stones, our fancy shapes are available in a variety of settings for jewellery and sew-on application, making this one of our most versatile product assortments.

Flatback No HF, Crystal Forum

Flatback - No Hotfix

Recognized by fashion industry professionals for their impeccable light dispersion and extreme durability, Preciosa Flatback Stones come in a rainbow of captivating colors and coatings. Our flagship Chaton Rose MAXIMA can reflect up to 264 unique rays of light, the most of any competing stone on the market, making this the world’s most brilliant flatback.

04 Flatback Hotfix, Crystal Forum

Flatback - Hotfix

Preciosa hotfix Flatback Stones feature a special low-melting-point adhesive that guarantees easy and precise application to a variety of textiles. This assortment also features a patented interlayer for better adhesion and prolonged durability. 

05 Flatbacks Sew On, Crystal Forum

Flatback - Sew-on

Preciosa Sew-On Stones are an embroiderer’s dream. Impossibly shiny and easy to work with, this assortment of one-hole (1H) and two-hole (2H) flatback stones comprises various shapes and sizes perfect for creating everything from delicate couture motifs to trendy geometric patterns.

06 Beads, Crystal Forum

Beads & Pendants

Preciosa’s machine-cut Beads and Pendants are expertly crafted with rigorous attention to detail. This assortment of classic shapes emphasizes quality over quantity and offers a straightforward, shining selection of perfectly polished staples.

07 Pearls, Crystal Forum

Nacre Pearls

Created to look and feel like the real thing, Preciosa Nacre Pearls contain a crystal core coated in several layers of nacre which gives them their signature silky-smooth finish. This assortment comes in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors for various application possibilities.

08 For Nails, Crystal Forum

For Nails

Developed with input from some of America’s leading nail technicians, Preciosa’s Faerie family for nails has been thoughtfully engineered to maximize impact, coverage and durability. Both Crystal Faerie and Regal Faerie have undergone rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting, textured shine
that is easy to apply and remove. Like all Preciosa products, this assortment is made from only the highest quality raw materials and is 100% produced in the Czech Republic.

09 Cupchains, Crystal Forum


As versatile as they are eye-catching, Preciosa Cupchains can and have been used for everything from tailored accents like crystal fringe to fullon, floor-length fashion statements, and are a fashion jeweler’s dream. Made with our signature Preciosa Chatons MAXIMA, this assortment offers hundreds of size, color and plating combinations and comes in an additional multi-row version.

10 Bandings, Crystal Forum


Preciosa Bandings create neat, symmetrical lines of embellishment and are ideal for trimming and piping. Comprising both Metal and Plastic Bandings, this diverse assortment offers a wide variety of semifinished crystal products that are as easy to apply as they are to admire.

11 Stones Settings, Crystal Forum

Stones in Settings

From simple Sew-On Cups to statement-making special settings like Rondelles and Rivets, this assortment is wonderfully diverse and just as practical. With a magnificent array of platings to choose from in a variety of shapes, sizes and application styles, Preciosa Stones in Settings offer truly endless possibilities for embellishment.

12 Made To Order, Crystal Forum

Made to Order

Preciosa’s Made-To-Order range comprises an assortment of exclusive, semi-finished crystal products that are custom made according to individual request. Using various patented technologies our team of experts brings even the most intricate and extraordinary crystal designs to life, cutting down on both application time and waste.