Crystal Forum: Interior sparkle this season

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Create an enchanting ambiance with a shimmering light fixture from Crystal Forum that can pretty much punch up just about any interior space, whether it be modern or traditional.

Known for their Swarovski ® Crystals and Spectra® Crystals for the lighting, chandelier, furniture and interior industries, you can choose from 500 Crystal lighting components, ranging from classic to contemporary shapes to better enhance or illuminate your home.

Decorating with crystal isn’t difficult – and it isn’t limited to a group of little cut crystals. The sparkle of crystal glittering in the light brings a sense of romance and opulence to any room. Rainbows of color splash onto surfaces when light hits lead crystal, similar to how it affects a perfectly cut diamond. Whether your tastes run from traditional to ultra modern, quality crystal will brighten up almost any room decor instantly.

The vibrant assortment is available in 14 standard colours and nine different effects.

Swarovski knobs, handles and crystal inserts recommend themselves for a multitude of furniture, bath and wellness applications. All products can be easily incorporated into any space.

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