Helmut Swarovski’s Visit June 2006

Image013, Crystal Forum

In June 2006 CRYSTAL FORUM had the pleasure of a visit by Mr. Helmut Swarovski. He is the only 4th generation member of the Swarovski family to be on the company board. We are grateful to Edith Venter for organising a truly amazing luncheon with some of our most important customers.

Image013, Crystal Forum
Image014, Crystal Forum

Edith Venter, Helmut Swarovski and Lisa Hager

Back Row (left-to-right): Catherine Le Sueur, Dr Michael Werner, Mark Snyder, Helmut Swarovski, Elsabe Booyens, Martin Peens, Norman Callan, Edith Venter Front Row (left-to-right): Lisa Hager, Keith Kirsten, Ms Muhammad Nailah, Karen, Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon, Amy Kleinhans-Curd

Image015, Crystal Forum
Image016, Crystal Forum

Dr Michael Werner, Keith Kirsten, Helmut Swarovski, Lisa Hager, Martin Peens, Norman Callan, Mark Snyder

Martin Peens, Norman Callan, Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Helmut Swarovski, Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon, Lisa Hager

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