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Mention crystal jewellery in almost any social setting, and I’d be willing to bet that in nine cases out of ten, the name that springs to mind almost immediately is Swarovski. Since Daniel Swarovski first founded the company in Wattens, Austria, way back in 1895, the name has become synonymous with precision cut crystal, exquisite craftsmanship, glamour, beauty and fashion.

Swarovski’s magical appeal has enchanted and delighted womenfolk the world over, whether the belle of the ball attending her matric dance, the starry-eyed bride on her wedding day or the glamorous movie star walking the red carpet on Oscar night! Hollywood and style icons throughout the years have succumbed to the glittering beauty of the jewellery, and included in it’s legions of fans are the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and in contemporary times, Rihanna (who could forget THAT dress worn to the 2014 CFDA Awards), and the current face of Swarovski, the gorgeous Miranda Kerr. Of course, it’s not only the fairer sex who adorn themselves with this celebrated product range, as Swarovski Crystal’s incorporation into men’s jewellery, accessories and also corporate gifts in recent times has attracted a huge following amongst men too. Handsomely-crafted crystal pieces such as tie pins, cufflinks, memory sticks and key rings are now worn or used by captains of industry and regularly feature in the boardrooms and offices of global commerce.

In haute couture, the brand has more than earned its place in the designs of top fashion houses with the innovative SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™ initiative, and it counts Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior and Versace, to name but a few, amongst those who have integrated it’s beautiful and brilliant crystal mesh, beads, fastenings, trimmings and more, into their ranges.

By making these magnificent crystal elements available as components, Swarovski has succeeded in enhancing the accessibility of the brand, and encouraged that business be created around the concept and products. CRYSTALP Jewellery, also of Austria, is one such inventive company, whose ranges of exceptional jewellery and accessories incorporating SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™ have become sought-after and extremely successful in their own right, including here in South Africa. Crystal Forum, based in Parkmore, Gauteng, and headed by Austrian go-getter, Liselotte Hager, are the sole distributors of CRYSTALP in this country, and these stunning articles are also available to retail via the exclusive Simply Manas Gift Emporium in Sandton City.

CRY02200 Iconic Candle Holder Large 3, Crystal ForumSince inception, Swarovski has constantly been on the cutting edge of innovation and whilst most celebrated for its jewellery and place in fashion and design, many are not aware that, again with the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™ brand, it has firmly created a footprint for itself in the Lighting, Interior Design and Architecture spaces. The various collections which include components for chandeliers, knobs and handles, soft fittings and furniture will awe and inspire with their aesthetic appeal, technical perfection and innovation. IMPLEXIONS of Austria is another company utilizing Swarovski’s superb products along with Plexiglass and high grade steel to specialize in the manufacture of fine home accessories, lighting and architectural features, and this range is also available in South Africa through Crystal Forum and its retail partners.

Not content to merely decorate and beautify celebrities and feature in film, theatre, opera and ballet productions, Swarovski has itself ventured into full scale movie production with Swarovski Entertainment, and in partnership with Amber Entertainment, released its remake of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet in late 2013. The film brings together a young, talented and star-studded cast and as would be expected includes a lavish wardrobe of sumptuous costumes and period jewellery made with Swarovksi’s marvelous crystal products. This initial successful foray into the film industry will be followed up by further productions and I, for one, eagerly await its next offering – like all things Swarovski, it is certain to be dazzlingly beautiful, elegant, finely-crafted and much sought-after!
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