Swarovski’s “World Jewellery Facets”

Jenni Gault, supported by Crystal Forum’s Lisa Hager showed “The Circle of Life” Collection at Swarovski’s “World Jewellery Facets 2014” in Paris as one of the fifty designers invited to showcase their designs from around the world.

Jenni did South Africa proud and her name on the photoboard was appropriately positioned right between Jean-Paul Gaultier and Karl Largerfeld, icons in the Paris fashion world.Jenni’s contribution “The Circle of Life” hanging pride of place on the 1½ story ice glacier/sculpture in the center of the room, was beautifully lit against the slowly melting ice.

Circle Of Life Model, Crystal Forum

Circle of Life model

Jenni Gault, Crystal Forum

Jenni Gault

Jenni Gault And Her Circle Of Life Piece, Crystal Forum

Jenni Gault and her Circle of Life piece

Jenni Gault Caroline Markus Langes Swarovski Lisa Hager, Crystal Forum

Jenni Gault, Caroline & Markus Langes-Swarovski, Lisa Hager

World Jewellery Facets Paris 2014
Bringing Sparkle to Paris

The Paris exhibition took place on 2014 October 2nd, showcasing exquisitely crafted contemporary pieces made with crystals from Swarovski by over fifty exciting stellar designers from around the globe. Swarovski always strives to amaze and delight, and so we hope that you will get inspired by the presentation of unique pieces from over 70 designers!

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