Swarovski World Jewellery Facets 2014

Circle Of Life Model, Crystal Forum

Crystal Forum and Jenni Gault shine at  Swarovski World Jewellery Facets 2014

Looking back at the end of 2014 on the many events and happenings that CRYSTAL FORUM has been proud to be a part of these past twelve months, it absolutely has to be said that one of the greatest highlights of the year was the SWAROVSKI World Jewellery Facets showcase, which took place in Paris, France.

Hot on the heels of Paris Fashion week, SWAROVSKI kicked off its spectacular exhibition early in October, to splendid reception and reviews from the international fashion and jewellery community, as well as the Who’s Who of society.

The much-feted showcase was held at the world-famous 13th century monastery, Réfectoire des Cordeliers, and the unique location formed a dramatic and fitting backdrop to the magnificent and glittering crystal jewellery and uniquely-crafted pieces on display. The exhibition featured contemporary fashion jewellery showpieces designed by fifty highly regarded international designers from all over the world, each incorporating the beauty and allure of SWAROVSKI crystals at their heart.

Included in this prestigious company was South African designer, Jenni Gault, supported at the event by CRYSTAL FORUM’s own Liselotte Hager. With a set which included a magnificent one-and-a-half storey high ice sculpture at its centre, the scene was ideally primed for Jenni’s stunning showpiece ‘The Circle of Life’, which was beautifully displayed along with pieces by designers such as Oscar de la Rente and Karl Lagerfeld.

CRYSTAL FORUM is very proud to be associated with Jenni Gault and though it has been part of the SWAROVSKI family for many years, still takes immense delight in the close relationship with the brand. Lisalotte shares her personal experience of her trip to Paris and SWAROVSKI World Jewellery Facets 2014 below.

“As the owner of Crystal Forum I have found many joys in my business, but one of them is certainly not only a joy but an absolute reward for me. Working with the world renowned brand that is Swarovski, include traveling and participating in major international events in the most beautiful cities in the world. The latest trip took us to Europe and specifically the city of love – Paris. The perfect place for Swarovski to sparkle in romance.

Thanks to the talented Jenni Gault, a South African Jewellery designer par excellence was chosen by Swarovski, together with 50 other of the world’s best designers, to showcase her jewellery in Paris the night after Paris Fashion Week. Jenni and I have become friends over the years and when she was selected I could not have wanted a better travel companion to travel with.

We started our journey in Wattens/Tyrol in Austria, which the headquarters of Swarovski. In true Swarovski style, we got the royal treatment and some very inspirational presentations of the new Swarovski products. Followed by a special tour of the famous Swarovski Kristallwelten’, which showcases millions and millions of crystals in creations that transcend you into a magical world. Austrians really know how to entertain and after 3 days of scrumptious Austrian meals and a stay in the great Penz Hotel in Innsbruck, we headed off to Munich’s one and only yearly Oktoberfest (more than 7 million visitors in the 2 weeks which is the duration of the event).

Then it was off to Paris for an entire week. One of the highlights being – Paris Fashion Week – coupled with our special event and so much to do in Paris, that we never had a dull moment. In fact, by the end of the week and all the excitement, we found ourselves suffering from lack of sleep, just a little bit, but the memories of the exciting week never dulled. During the day we spent time gazing at all the beautiful and famous sites such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, Montmartre, Centre Pompidou, cruising the Seine and at night we were experiencing the French cuisine. We were very lucky to get tickets to some incredible fashion shows. Some of the great designers showcasing this year were Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel and Jean Paul Gautier who showed his Fare Well Collection. One of the shows we watched was Masha Ma who was assistant to the late Alexander Mc Queen. She showcased her collection in collaboration with Swarovski.

Finally the main highlight and the purpose of our trip, the Swarovski World Jewellery Facets shown at a thirteenths century monastery in the very posh district of St-Germain-des-Pres. Jenni Gault representing South Africa by showcasing her “Circle of Life” Collection amongst world famous designers such as Jean Paul Gautier, Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Rente to name but a few. It was an incredible moment for me to be there representing Swarovski from South Africa and we are so proud of and awed by the talented Jenni Gault being chosen as the only South African designer.                    

…Liselotte Hager – CRYSTAL FORUM

Jenni Gault Caroline Markus Langes Swarovski Lisa Hager, Crystal Forum

Whilst Jenni has shown her superbly-crafted crystal jewellery for SWAROVSKI previously, this year welcomed a number of new contributing countries, such as Russia, Morocco and Hungary. Adding to their international family in this way is part of the SWAROVSKI culture, as is bringing its expos such as World Jewellery Facets 2014 to diverse cities all over the world, including Hong Kong, Las Vegas and Beijing.

CRYSTAL FORUM with SWAROVSKI looks forward to bringing new concepts and superlative crystal jewellery, crystal giftware, crystal accessories for the home and much more to our valued partners and customers in 2015! In addition to supplying loose crystal beads, stones and many other crystal components, CRYSTAL FORUM is the sole distributor of the exclusive CRYSTALP range in South Africa, incorporating SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™.

Please contact Crystal Forum for more information on this article or if you would like to know more about Crystal Forum and it’s specialized ranges of Crystal Products.

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