Crystal Forum Sponsorship – Brendan Van Rhyn

Brendan Van Rhyn, Crystal Forum

With delight, Crystal Forum announce our sponsorship of Brendan Van Rhyn

You would almost have to be living in a time warp yourself not to have heard from some quarter or other about Brendan Van Rhyn’s larger-than-life and massively acclaimed portrayal of Frank ‘n Furter in the recent South African run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! There is no doubt that Brendan is extremely hot property, and so it is with sheer glee that Crystal Forum announce that we will be collaborating with and sponsoring Brendan with our equally hot and alluring Crystalp range of crystal jewellery and accessories. Crystalp is manufactured using Swarovski Elements, and the edgy appeal of our new ranges (see the Innovations page on our website to view and download the exciting Spring/Summer 2014 catalogue) suits Brendan’s various stage persona’s down to a tee, not to mention that it’s world-class quality matches that of the artist perfectly. There is something for everyone in the new collection, of course, and in addition to some of the more elaborate styles, you’ll also find singularly stunning statement pieces and the timeless, elegant and sometimes delicate articles made using crystal beads, crystal pearls, silver and stainless steel, that you’ve come to associate with this beautiful range of jewellery and accessories.

The recently concluded run of Rocky Horror is Brendan’s second outing as the completely over-the-top “Sweet Transvestite” Frank ‘n Furter in this much-loved cult musical, and his first portrayal of the iconic character in the 2008 Victory Theatre production, won him a well-earned Naledi award (Best Male Performance in a Musical) for his not insubstantial efforts and huge talent. Each new production of the show however, brings a fresh approach, a new cast and production team, different audiences and quite possibly a different city, all of which make for a uniquely special creation. Brendan and the current Rocky Horror ensemble are set to hit stages again later this year, with a run at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town commencing in July 2014, followed by the Gauteng leg of the tour which kicks off (quite literally, given Brendan’s amazing pins!) in November 2014.

Frank ‘n Furter is not the only big personality one associates with Brendan, and the blonde bombshell air stewardess of his own creation, Cathy Specific, is another much-loved character he has brought to life in his unique and talented fashion. Having spent several years as an SAA flight attendant himself, Brendan was able to apply first-hand experience, anecdotes and on-the-job research to his creation, and his show ‘Mile High with Cathy Specific’ achieved fabulous reviews during it’s runs.

Brendan, the man, is a lot more low-key than his various stage personalities, and he has a long and accomplished musical background backing up the ‘out-there’ theatrical persona. Starting piano lessons at the tender age of five, and honing his natural vocal ability with voice coaching and training throughout his schooling, Brendan has always been poised for a career in the arts and music. Though he chose not to attend, he was accepted as a student at the London School of Musical Theatre, but instead went on to complete a Musical Theatre Diploma at Pretoria Technikon. Brendan has been a part of the South African theatre scene for many years and his versatility and talent have lent themselves to roles in comedies, tragedies, dramas and pantomimes alike, all with seeming ease and good review.

Crystal Forum believes that the collaboration between Brendan and Crystalp is match made in theatrical heaven, as good looks, charm, versatility and modern-day edginess are undoubtedly characteristics shared by both, and they will each enhance the other’s appeal. We look forward to a long and enjoyable partnership with Brendan, and encourage you to watch our blog page for more news and articles on this powerhouse of musical theatre!

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