Kristall Mantwa – The Mood Collection July 2011

Kristall hosted a thousand guests for the Mantwa Collection Fashion Show in Bloemfontein. An exclusive VIP celebration followed after the show at Coco C Restaurant & Chocolatier.

After Party at Coco C Restaurant

A1, Crystal Forum

Matthew Booth, Zuraida Jardine, Jeannie D, Sonia Booth 

A2, Crystal Forum

Phyllecia Venter, Marlene Jordaan, Roshaan Josiah, Camilla Crewe, Sharne van Ryneveld, Katlego Mokhahlane

A3, Crystal Forum

Roshaan Josiah, Sonia Booth, Sharne van Ryneveld

A4, Crystal Forum

Lisa Hager, Jeannie D, Yvonne Eleftheriou

A5, Crystal Forum

Jeannie D

A6, Crystal Forum

Traces of Black, Zuraida Jardine, Nikki Augousti

A7, Crystal Forum

Lisa Hager, Sofia Augousti

A8, Crystal Forum

Marisa Drummond, Sharne van Ryneveld

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