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A World Cup of Unity

So, you can’t get hold of your father or your brothers, you haven’t seen your best bud in about a month and your significant male other seems decidedly distracted and preoccupied on the odd occasion you are able to draw his attention away from the television.

Is it time to change your deodorant, is there a surprise party in the offing or is there perhaps a conspiracy at play to which you are not privy? Chances are it’s none of these and the simple explanation is that it’s Soccer World Cup time again!

As much as it may seem to be a social disruption on many fronts, the Soccer World Cup has brought people together in interesting ways, and I’m not talking only about it’s global nature and unifying effect from an on-the-field perspective.

Have you noticed how readily fellow diners in restaurants and coffee-shops will strike up a conversation with one about the football, or make an unsolicited comment on a particular game, player, nation or incident? It’s also not unusual that other patrons or the waiting staff are called on to provide scores or an update on a particularly big or exciting match, and even those who would stereotypically not be football fans (much less understand the offside rule), suddenly have all the jargon and inside information on the current happenings. Mums, Grandmothers, society matrons and fellow yogi’s are all atwitter and expert on the sport, and you’ve probably found that ninety percent of your book club have an opinion on this player versus the next too (though quite probably around matters aesthetic and who has the best legs rather than actual playing prowess).

Of a morning in the office, you will quite readily find staff, male and female, young and old, of all races and creeds, gathering around the coffee station or water machine, in the canteen or around someone’s desk, avidly discussing the games of the previous night and eagerly predicting results for the evening ahead. With many fans often bleary-eyed as a result of the late hour at which some of the matches have been played, enthusiasm is not dampened one iota and energy seems to be derived from the very act of watching the games themselves.

Even though South Africa did not qualify this time around, most everyone has a nation they’re supporting, whether originally born or native to that country, having an ancestral affiliation to it, or simply by virtue of adopting a nation or team on whatever criteria (good looks maybe?). One suddenly finds one has a connection with the extremely dour assistant in the local pharmacy, with whom until now one has never shared more than a grunt. A fellow shopper in the local supermarket becomes a veritable comrade-in-arms and the uplifting effect of the World Cup makes even that mundane chore a pleasure!

A festival atmosphere prevails for the entire month of the tournament, and not only due to it being held in Brazil this time around, but just as a result of the infectious positive energy and enormous spirit of goodwill and sharing one generally only experiences around Christmas and festive holidays.

Crystal Charms, Crystal ForumSo, despite the fact that the light bulb that needs replacing will probably  have to wait until after the 13th of July, and the very real possibility that names such as Messi, Neymar and Robben feature more frequently in your other half’s vocabulary than those of your offspring, I think that most of us will miss the exciting, uplifting and unifying effects of this great tournament which warmed our lives a little this winter!

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