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Top Billing Magazine Cover March 2005


Helmut Swarovski’s Visit June 2006

In June 2006 CRYSTAL FORUM had the pleasure of a visit by Mr. Helmut Swarovski. He is the only 4th generation member of the Swarovski family to be on the company board. We are grateful to Edith Venter for organising a truly amazing luncheon with some of our most important customers.

Edith Venter, Helmut Swarovski and Lisa Hager

Back Row (left-to-right): Catherine Le Sueur, Dr Michael Werner, Mark Snyder, Helmut Swarovski, Elsabe Booyens, Martin Peens, Norman Callan, Edith Venter Front Row (left-to-right): Lisa Hager, Keith Kirsten, Ms Muhammad Nailah, Karen, Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon, Amy Kleinhans-Curd

Dr Michael Werner, Keith Kirsten, Helmut Swarovski, Lisa Hager, Martin Peens, Norman Callan, Mark Snyder

Martin Peens, Norman Callan, Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Helmut Swarovski, Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon, Lisa Hager


Jeff International Fashion Show August 2006


Rainbow Nation Bears’ Banquet August 2006

Followed by the Norman Callan Couture and Martin Peens Fashion Show which was in aid of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital was the Rainbow Nations Bears’ Banquet – Patron of the Event – Mrs. Graça Machel

Graça Machel

Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon

Teddy Bear

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Bear

Natalie Jean Earle, Norman Callan, Lisa Hager, Roger Gardener, Alexandra Sella, Martin Doujak

Claudia Henkel

Elana Afrika

Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon

Leighton Curd, Amy Kleinhans-Curd

Edith Venter

PJ Powers


Sanlam SA Fashion Week August 2006

We would like to thank SSAFW for the opportunity of letting us be part of this year’s event. Once again the VIP/Media badges were proudly worn by all.
Our stand also created a lot of excitement about the sparkling crystals.

Lisa Hager

CRYSTAL FORUM in association with Swarovski and Sanlam SA Fashion Week proudly presents the Swarovski Media Cocktail Party which was held at the very popular “8” restaurant in Sandton.

The Eastern Mosaic Team

Claire Shephard, Alexandra Sella and Heidi Rosenthal

Lisa Hager, Martin Peens

Lucilla Booysens

Lisa Hager, Norman Callan

Norman Callan Courture and Martin Peens at the Sanlam SA Fashion Week August 2006.

It is always a delight to be involved with local designers such as Julian, Martin Peens and especially Norman Callan, who exceeded our expectations with his innovative use of SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS. His creations were truly crystalised in the most magnificent way.

We hope to be able to continue this great relationship with both SSAFW as well as our local designers and couturiers.

Gerhard Oeffner, Andrea Lax, Lisa Hager, Martin Doujak

Gerhard Oeffner, Jenni Gault, Bruce Gault, Andrea Lax, Martin Doujak

Patrice & Precious Motsepe

Edith Venter

Vanessa Carreira

Amy Kleinhans-Curd

Claudia Henkel

Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon

CRYSTAL FORUM hosts the Swarovski workshop at the Sanlam SA Fashion Week August 2006

As Swarovski is the world leader in cut crystal it is imperative to educate designers and we found this to be a great awareness campaign. These wonderful workshops were held by the Swarovski Austria’s technical team.

Ultrasonic – Single stone setting of 2028 hotfix in different sizes colours

Heat press – Application of transfers, crystal fabric, swarotex, and crystal mesh, etc.

BEADING – Making of simple strings and simple beading techniques.

SEWING – Sewing machine – Single row plastic trimmings, buttons, sew on stones, zippers, etc.

HAND SEWING – Pearls, sew on stones, findings, pendants, etc.
FLY PRESS – Snap fasteners, magnet fasteners, rivets, jeans buttons, etc.

CRYSTAL FORUM hosts the Swarovski Workshop at the Michelangelo Towers Hotel

The same workshop which was held at the SSAFW was also presented to all CRYSTAL FORUM customers after the Fashion Week had come to an end.

Spero Villiotti and Lisa Hager

Lenni Klocker of Swarovski

Andrea Lax and participants

Gerhard Oefner and participants

Keith Kirsten Launch October 2006

Fancourt Ball  Mag Pg1

Fancourt Charity Spring Ball October 2006

A night in Narnia. A winter wonderland awaited guests at the annual Fancourt Ball, where the aim is to raise big bucks for charity. For those who cracked this most auspicious of nods, a limited-edition 20cm wide Swarovski crystal snowflake was delivered in a 15cm Perspex box. SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS were used lavishly to adorn the ceiling like hanging icicles that set the tables alight with snowy sparkles

Fancourt Ball Magazine

Fancourt Ball Magazine

Fancourt Ball Magazine

Top Billing Magazine

Top Billing Magazine

Top Billing Magazine

A Night to Remember November 2006

Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon 4

Gerri E Signature Collection Launch October 2007


Moët & Chandon in Collaboration with Swarovski at Taboo Night Club November 2007